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Year : 2017
Industry : Interior Design
Location : Monte - Carlo

Carte Blanche Design

Interior Design Studio

Monaco based Carte Blanche Design Studio, is a high-end design studio, offering services for luxury villas, apartments, yachts, restaurants, hotels, exceptional offices and more. With over 15 years experience in the design industry and successful delivery of multiple international projects, the Carte Blanche Team utilise their experience, coupled with the utmost professionalism and boundless creativity, to turn their clients’ dreams into reality.


In French, having "carte blanche" (white card) ultimately means "complete freedom to act as one wishes or thinks best". The idea behind our brand design is thus a reflection on the bare essence: a white card.

Brand Conception

With our design, we aimed to communicate purity as well as minimalism throughout the logo design. This is achieved by removing parts of the individual letters to create a basic shape down to its bare essentials, but still be recognizable as the letter itself.

Carte Blanche Interior logo design
Carte Blanche Interior logo design

Interior Photography

TWENTY3 MEDIA undertook an interior photoshoot, covering a luxurious apartment in Monte-Carlo, fully designed by Carte Blanche Design. With our photos, we aimed to emphasize on the designer's aesthetics, space composition, and use of exclusive materials.

Stationery Design

The stationery design for Carte Blanche Design includes business cards made by duplexing premium 270 gsm Colorplan Pristine White Coltskin and 270 gsm Colorplan Pristine White Morocco. The logo was applied with white silk screening and, the card details were enhanced with silver hot foiling. Correspondence cards included a blind embossed logo and silver hot foiled address details. Additionally, A4 letter heads and A3 design sheets were printed with the logo in silver hot foil.

Carte Blanche Interior stationery and print design

Color Palette


RGB 152 174 183
CMYK 49 20 24 3




RGB 255 255 255
CMYK 0 0 0 0


Corporate Portfolio

The company's work portfolio, showing numerous projects, as well as communicating the overall style of design.

Carte Blanche Design Portfolio Carte Blanche Design Portfolio Carte Blanche Design Portfolio

Lifestyle Magazine Advertisement

A double page advertisement design for a local lifestyle magazine, showcasing photographs of finished projects, as well as some company information.

Carte Blanche Design Magazine Advertisement
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