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Year : 2017
Industry : Art Exhibition
Location : World Tour

Transformers Art

Art Exhibition

Transformers Art is the art creation of Danilo Baletic, using old vehicle scrap parts to create giant sculptures. Ecology, recycling and awareness are key aspects of his philosophy and creations. "Through a creative approach, the waste is transformed into objects with usage value. Through daily contact with a huge amount of various wastes, the artist examines habits of man and consumer awareness. Due to the increasing desire for comfort, we are exhausting natural resources and polluting our environment."


We designed the Transformers Art website and online presence, including photo shoots and the redesign of existing Transformers Art sketches.

Brand Conception

The new Transformers Art logo is based on the given brand of the original Transformers action figures. It was arranged so that the known "Transformers" logo remains the dominant feature, while the "Art" addition is kept small.

Transformers art logo design and conception

Color Palette


HEX #000000
RGB 0 0 0
CMYK 75 68 67 90


RGB 255 255 255
CMYK 0 0 0 0



Art Exhibition Milan

We were commissioned to undertake a photoshoot during the Transformers Art Milan 2017 exhibition at the Museo Nazionale Scienza E Tecnologia, where eight gigantic sculptures were exhibited to the public.

Web design for Transformers Art

Web Design

The new Transformers Art website was designed as a one page scroll, featuring many photographs of the art pieces, as well as of the exhibitions. Story telling as well as a simplified user experience are key to successful web design. The presentation is furthermore enhanced with the technical drawings and sketches of the Transformers themselves, as well as a photo gallery highlighting the creation and development of the art pieces.

Mobile Responsive

The requirement was a fully responsive website, which works well on tablets and smartphones, besides desktops. Latest CSS as well as JQuery functions were implemented to achieve a beautiful look across devices.
Web design for mobile devices and tablets of Transformers Art
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